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I also run a mecha site here. It's mostly in Thai (except for specs), which Google can translate as bad as Japanese, but you may want to look anyway.

G-war ple

Image used in Gundam War:Goddess of Battefield 2 by Kamatsu Eiji

Just for fun


Just when you think Shinn can't be any worse...

Following articles shouldn't be taken seriously. They are either cameo mech, including on screen as in-joke by Sunrise (unless you're willing to accept that Earth Federation actually has Tesujin 28 and Raideen among their force during One Year War...). Others being original design from fan-made dojinshi that isn't even worth talking in discussion of canonical.

Nevertheless, both categories are part of Gundam. Although they may not worthy to include in main namespace. The cameo mech are official joke, for dojinshi...I just pick ones that author clearly put enough effort and interesting.

Cameo mech


You known, if Gundam X was release during high of moe trend...

Dojinshi mech



Meaningless War 0091
Nostalgic Fiction Gundam Beast

Nostalgic Fiction Gundam Beast

Nostalgic Fiction Gundam Beast Estrus

Gundam Beast: Lizards

Gundam Beast: Side Kagerow

G:Beast Versus

G:Beast Insects

G:Beast Finals

  • Special thank for Jadzi for better scan.
  • It appear that Atelier Tobiuo avoid using word Gundam in their late two dojinshi. With G:Beast Versus simply use G-[name], and G:Beast Insects use Gunm instead (including when mention of the earlier design in the profile) as well as calling MS as "Mobile Slave".

Official Manga

001 094

Something I wish to write about...

You know, some official stuff can be more crazy than dojinshi.

Out of Franchise

Bunch of movies...

2nd part of Scramble Commander OP

1st part of Scramble Commander The 2nd OP

2nd part of Scramble Commander The 2nd OP

Another Century's Episode OP

Another Century's Episode 2 OP

Another Century's Episode 3 OP

Another Century's Episode - R OP

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