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Favorite Gundam Series
Favorite Anime/Manga Series
  • One Piece
  • Kenichi
  • Eureka Seven
  • Last Exile
  • Seirei No Moribito
  • Macross
Model Mobile Units Collection

About Taikage

I'm a novice writer who enjoy reading wikis for information. Over time I realized there was a lot of grammatical and information errors on the editions. As I became more dissatisfied at the lack of organization and structure, I started correcting them and adding pages to help kill some boredom while in college classes. Eventually I'll dramatically slow down on my edits as I'm primarily interested in only a few of the 25+ year old Gundam series. My only focus is the Gundam 00 series, after that I'm going slowly work on pages whenever I feel it needs an overhaul. I'm working on my own written project(s) and I hope to get published one day.

00 Gundam is my primary focus in wikia and will be until the continuum ends. I was originally interested in working on the SEED/Destiny, Wing, and X universe, but my life is now very busy with real-life obligations. While each and one of the series had their own entertaining moments, it's really 00 that caught my attention as one of the best written stories in Gundam production history. While I'm sure there will be critics to argue, this is the series i liked the most and I feel most obliged to make sure consistent and accurate information is published. Once the 00 universe is completely over and all the profiles are finally finished, maybe then I'll consider another series. I hope that all of you can help me in my efforts to make the best damn page for Gundam wikia.

I'm mostly away from G-wikia these days due to personal life matters. Please contact the other admins as they are more active on the site. Thanks for your consideration!

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