These are my personal thoughts about at least the DWG series of games. I do believe in a way that the DW series of games is unique but the DWG series of games is lacking a few things I did like the friend/rival type thing in DWG2 but also in DWG2 their were certian suits missing. I would love to have seen Exia, Dynams, Virtue, Kyrios, Throne Eins, Zwi, Dri from the 00 series of Gundam though for Virtue I could picture a situation or a certian button combo that would let you ditch the armor for it and activate GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh a similar thing could be done for Seravee since the Seraphem is on its back instead of inside the armor either a situation would arise where you could detach Seraphem and use it or a button combo could be used to activate it and leave behind Seravee for a time before having to return. Don't know how many of the people on this site will see this and agree with me or if anyone will see this post at all and comment. To be honest the DWG games are great I just hope that if they remake them they will add the missing gundams to the games in order of the years that they came out. I would love to have used Heavy Arms in DWG and maybe Deathsyth as well though as I said that is my personal opinion. Hope so recieve some type of comment or whatnot thnx for listening to me ramble.