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July 28, 2010
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  • Cerano Agamemnon

    I've been gone for a while and will be again soon, but I couldn't notice that there have been some recent redirect problems that were not present before. I don't know if this has to do with the background scheme/other internal changes on this wiki (which I doubt) or on Wikia. As I am inclined, I blame Wikia.

    I left shortly after the change to this new horrid, non-intuitive, picture-heavy, tool-lacking editor format, though that is purely coincidence.

    In any case, it seems just about NOTHING on this site redirects anymore. I seem to remember that problem from when I first discovered this site, and every now and then thereafter. I very clearly remember making several redirects (which we don't get any edit credits for on our profiles by the way…

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  • Cerano Agamemnon

    This is a wonderful fan art I found that I like to refer to as the Gundam Kagekidan. I absolutely love it! ...then again Sakura Taisen is probably my favorite "mecha anime"/game series ever. Though I use the term "mecha anime" loosely. I find it tremendous to see characters from Gundam dressed up as people from the Teikoku and Paris Kagekidans. However...

    I still don't know who some of them are. By my estimations we have (from left to right) Chan from Char's Counterattack, then top we have ????, bottom is Puru Two, to her right left is Elle Vianno, to her right is Tiffa Adill? then is Christina Mackenzie, right of her is Amuro Ray, under him is Elpeo Puru, to her right is Rosamia Badam, above her is Sayla Mass, above her is Char Aznable, to…

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  • Cerano Agamemnon

    Apparently so if this is accurate:

    Strange. Isn't Gundam kinda like Shintoism in Japan. Or Star Wars. Well I guess that with a culture like that you run out of things to say. There site could use improvements though. Lot less pictures, but they probably have to deal with stricter liscencing issues. Our Gundam Sentinel character pages are better though. I know, 'cause I was referencing theirs when I was editing ours. Theirs are shorter. XD

    And look. The person who did all those edits is... guess who. Well it's not like that's a surprise. Geez I mean User:Yard only has 278 edits. How could this be? Oh wait... over there he has 56,774. Huh. This guy needs to be paid. Also, he has acheivements. I want acheivements. Apparently on the Japanese wik…

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  • Cerano Agamemnon

    For current and future reference I feel the need to get this out here now. I have quite the personal bias. Not in and edits I hope, just in commentary. Anyone who reads any of my post knows this, but I feel the need to expound on it. I'm an oldtimer, though not an Oldtype. I perfer classic animation. My anime preferences, from an artistic perspective tend to be from the 1980's and 1990's. I dislike digital coloring and animation, I positively hate CGI models used in anime.

    Because of this and other factors I have a bit of a skewed perspective on Gundam series. I often feel that with the simplicity and convenience of digital animation, any crap idea for an anime series being an attempt to promote something, market a product or create fan app…

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  • Cerano Agamemnon

    The PuruPuruPuru-000 (PPP-000) Mobile Judau was the only Mobile Judau ever constructed. It was piloted by Elpeo Puru. Puru thinks that it was very poorly designed, becuase it is unresponsive and rarely goes in the direction that she points it. She was successful in obtaining ice cream from it. She believes that the faults in it lie in its Artificial Intelligence and refusal to acknowledge her as its sister. It has another unit, Mobile Leina that it regards as a sister, however Mobile Leina fails since she doesn't buy Puru ice cream, nor is she pilotable, she also argues a lot. Puru piloted mobile Judau for a day on Axis, but was disappointed when Mobile Judau refused to take a bath with her. Her Mobile Judau then started moving on its own…

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