Took me months at least to determine the identity of Maureen Kitamura. Saw her on a screencap from Journey to Jaburo and was annoyed that I didn't know who she was. Well anyway, just beat JtJ fully, got the video that the screencap was from. It seems to me that Blue Destiny was probably a great game, at least for a Gundam game. I perfer first person in everything (except turn-based RPGs). I think it would help me feel more like an actual pilot instead of a game player. Seems that Blue Destiny has an interesting story too. I would read the manga... if it ever got finished. No fan translations of the games out there. Well, maybe the novel was, or maybe I will be fluent in Japanese someday. Whatever.

In any case I think that the most value in the Gundam games is those that try to establish new stories with new characters in an established time frame. The "gaiden" games. The approaches Gundam games take is rather variable.

DW Gundam you god-mod most everything (though it is DW), also no official mode that isn't UC? Why? Note that Gundam never works like DW... except in Gundam Wing. Gundam Wing was completely DW, but they refuse to even model one damn Leo do that we can have a proper Gundam Wing effect, just one Leo model, that's all I ask. Even DW Gundam 3 lacks Leos, the have ZAFT mooks, and even the retarded tires from V Gundam, but no Leo.

JtJ you die a lot, by virtue of horrific controls, poor targeting and an inconsistent guard mechanic. It also only has half a campaign.

Gundam Vs is awsome, but ultimately lacks the nice story transitions of things like JtJ, and has restrictive camera mechanics (this got fixed, but not in US games).

MS Saga is an RPG, but plotwise fails miserably. Gundam has lots of RPG potential, MS Saga does not, hell Gundam X was much more of an RPG than MS Saga (though Gundam X was an RPG through and through, it should have been a JRPG straight up).

MS Gundam: Crossfire had potential, but no story, glitchiness on the walking mechanics, an underpowered Heat Rod, and audio that constantly glitched out, warped and cut in and out, also schedule systems are unpleasant in general. At least it had a decent Kampfer, though it did lack some weapons.

Zeonic front was an interesting system, but spent too much time on elements that could be skipped altogether, it had an interesting story potential, but was underdeveloped, needed connecting anime cutscenes and was too short.

-Sigh.- The inadequacy of (US released) Gundam games. It's sad.

I want Climax UC, and Blue Destiny, and Rise From the Ashes (Full), and Girhen's Greed.

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