I have to say one of the most annoying things that started since I watched the original Mobile Suit Gundam is the dreams. I have had countless Gundam dreams, most all of them Universal Century and most all of them centered around the original series. It wouldn't be so bad if the dreams weren't all in 70's anime style. While I liked a lot of 80's anime, I really don't know about the 70's. It could be alright but it tends to be drab and garish in style.

While I rarely recall them they usuall leave the detailed mental image of a mobile suit. I remember dry, hazy dreams involving the Guncannon and Guntank. Since I watched Mazinkaiser I had a dream involving Mazinger and Great Mazinger too. Other than the image of the mechs I recall nothing except the vague thought. "Mazinger isn't cuddly." I seem to recall having the protrusions on its head poke me. I don't know, maybe I was hugging a 3 foot Mazinger statue. Don't know of any, but my local comic shop does have a 3 foot Char Custom Zaku.

Most recently, a night or two ago I had a dream with the distinct mental image of Dancougar. Ah! If I have to have these mecha dreams why never like Gundam SEED or something? Also more characters, less mecha. I chalk this all up to the side effects of playing too many mecha games (mainly Super Robot Wars), too much mecha anime, and most importantly the reason why I am intentionally embroiling myself so deeply in the genre - I am running a Super Robot Wars tabletop roleplaing game.

This forces the neccessity of constant exposure and even sometimes research (the main, though not only reason for my being here). Yeah I admit I like mecha anime, someday though I want to return to a life with less of it and so help me when I am done running my session (a story that has been unraveling for a year and looks like it will run for two or three more before its logical conclusion) I will be off of mecha, really, no more watching mecha anime for several years to purge my system, clearly I am not nearly there yet.

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