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Dolphins and Newtypes

I updated the Newtype page to reflect After War Gundam X as well as the UC. Somehow it's just wrong to have a section entitles "Newtypes in the Universal Century" without there being a section on Newtypes in another timeline, so viola! We have "Newtypes in the After War Era". I really want to know if that dolphin had a name. I certainly think that dolphins have had an interesting role in Gundam. First there was Mermaid Gundam, okay so it wasn't a dolphin, it was a demented fish thing and apparently in it's series it had a less demented crab thing, kinda looked like a Cancer MS. Then there was the awsome Newtype dolphin in Gundam X. That was soooooooooooooo neccessary. I waited a whole episode, but I got my buuuuuuwing! Dolphin Newtype flash! Hellz Yes!

Dolphin Newtype Flash

Alert - Cost 10 SP.

And then we have Turn A Gundam. Dolphin riders. But they had dolphins... the dolphins had harnesses... and they moved... hence I have therefore designated them "Mobile Dolphins".

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