Yes, yes I do. I've managed to keep a goal of massively edited/overhauling one Victory Gundam page per day. I admit that my articles aren't the best written. Some I think are good, however I tend to either over-summarize with characters describing their every action (like Asuna Elmaritt for instance) or similarly mention every time they appear even when they didn't really do anything or at least nothing significant enough to mention in a personal history (most of the V Gundam character profiles I've edited).

Thank all that is holy for MAHQ and Chris Guanche. Having detailed episode summaries makes updating info so much easier.

Yes I did watch the whole series, but having a concise way to find character appearances and to hunt down the moments I need to watch again in order to clarify an event or a character's actions are invaluable. Also MAHQ is one of the most helpful resources ever, just in general, for almost all things Mecha Anime.

So anyhow, today was Jinn Geneham (finally decided this is probably the best romanization, also fansubbers use it, though that's not why I think so necessarily). I alo added several character pages that weren't there. You know, for the baby and the dog. Honestly some of the more likeable characters in the series. Also added info that was much needed on the Zanscare ship classes, though those are also articles that I don't feel are complete. Better than nothing though.

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