The PuruPuruPuru-000 (PPP-000) Mobile Judau was the only Mobile Judau ever constructed. It was piloted by Elpeo Puru. Puru thinks that it was very poorly designed, becuase it is unresponsive and rarely goes in the direction that she points it. She was successful in obtaining ice cream from it. She believes that the faults in it lie in its Artificial Intelligence and refusal to acknowledge her as its sister. It has another unit, Mobile Leina that it regards as a sister, however Mobile Leina fails since she doesn't buy Puru ice cream, nor is she pilotable, she also argues a lot. Puru piloted mobile Judau for a day on Axis, but was disappointed when Mobile Judau refused to take a bath with her. Her Mobile Judau then started moving on its own and escaped outside Axis, she pursued it in her Quebely and was not able to pilot it again until she rode it while it was attempting to pilot the ZZ Gundam. She continued interacting with her Mobile Judau until her death. It is not known, but is suspected that later members of the Newtype Army may have piloted this unit at some time before it was finally decomissioned in the late Universal Century.

Puru Riding Judau

The Mobile Judau AI demonstrates its confusion when Puru attempts to alter it's course.

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