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I've been gone for a while and will be again soon, but I couldn't notice that there have been some recent redirect problems that were not present before. I don't know if this has to do with the background scheme/other internal changes on this wiki (which I doubt) or on Wikia. As I am inclined, I blame Wikia.

I left shortly after the change to this new horrid, non-intuitive, picture-heavy, tool-lacking editor format, though that is purely coincidence.

In any case, it seems just about NOTHING on this site redirects anymore. I seem to remember that problem from when I first discovered this site, and every now and then thereafter. I very clearly remember making several redirects (which we don't get any edit credits for on our profiles by the way), most notably I recall redirecting the word "Kampfer" to the "MS-18E Kämpfer" becaue I don't think anyone wants to dig around in their character map to find the "ä" character just to look up an MS and the search results are extraneous. While I don't mind helping fix the many, many, many, many, many, many, many redirects of mine that have been destroyed I am curious to know if anyone understands WHY this happened!?

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