Yes I know that some people have been following the Romhacking Aerie more avidly than me. I tend to forget them (sorry) because unlike the Aeon Genesis Translation Project they don't have the odd yet wonderful longer list of completed rather than in progress games, also updates while not horridly infrequent usually aren't on whatever game it is I'm anticipating. Nevertheless fan translators for games are awsome. Coding is distinctly unpleasant (Hello World. Hellllooo? Heeeeeeelooooooooo?) and translating is no small task either. Glad to see a second project out of their site. I have not played Tales of Innocence, however to me the Tales series defines "generic JRPG". Props to the Romhacking Aerie. I really would love it if AGTP finished SRW Alpha so that those of us who like continuity could play Alpha Gaiden.

Well I meander, to anyone who by some miracle saw this but didn't know that this happened two and a half month ago check it out.

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