Apparently so if this is accurate:
We edit more than they do

Strange. Isn't Gundam kinda like Shintoism in Japan. Or Star Wars. Well I guess that with a culture like that you run out of things to say. There site could use improvements though. Lot less pictures, but they probably have to deal with stricter liscencing issues. Our Gundam Sentinel character pages are better though. I know, 'cause I was referencing theirs when I was editing ours. Theirs are shorter. XD

And look. The person who did all those edits is... guess who. Well it's not like that's a surprise. Geez I mean User:Yard only has 278 edits. How could this be? Oh wait... over there he has 56,774. Huh. This guy needs to be paid. Also, he has acheivements. I want acheivements. Apparently on the Japanese wiki you can get achievments. The Wikia main page doesn't mention those. What gives?

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