Hi, im cheetoman321, and im a new member of this wiki. Im a avid Gundam lover, hell, I grew up with it and its one of my most favorite anime/manga/universe/everything. Ive been skimming around this wiki for quite some time and I enjoyed all the things Ive been able to learn and the cool pics but never really joined. I noticed on some pages spelling errors and just some that flat out didn't exist, and I figured this wiki has done alot for me so why don't I give back and help clean it up. All I hope to do is make this wiki as enjoyable as possible for everyone by editing pages that contain spelling errors, (if I edit one of your pages and you object please feel free to tell me, but know that I wont edit the information, just the way its spelled or worded.) and maybe if I feel comfortable enough with my skills I might even add pages. So if you have any feedback or know about pages that need fixing, feel free to contact me. I also am very knowledgeable when it comes to the Universal Century (its what I first knew of) and Gundam Seed (just recently got into it and really liked it) so my efforts are best directed there. Thanks to all of you out there and I hope im of good use. Cheers.

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