This one would be too stupid to explain since It's gonna be a big question on the cannonity of a certain manga or anime. And time were going into one that's being questioned by many Gundam Fans. That is......the Cannonity of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Treasure Star.

So now we know Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Memories of Sid is canon being set between the second and third generations. Treasure Star is a different sheep of a color. It can be considered as a black sheep of the AGE series and its cannonity is questioned all because of one thing: Treasure Star's Replicas of the AGE-1 Normal, AGE-Builder and the AGE System as well as the G-Exes Custom. And I think I get it.

I heard on one chapter that Daiki's father is involved in some research or something in the Future Time (Probably in the Third Generation where the EFF is finally been technologically advanced) and he is a genuine X-Rounder. I've been thinking that he is working with the Asuno Family in that time. Though there is some conflict in that time and he got sent back to the first generation. He knew that history will be blink due to the Vagan's invasion and decided to built replicas of the AGE-1 Normal, AGE-Builder and the AGE System, 6 years before the EFF built the real thing. But he built it in secrecy and hid them somewhere, only to be discovered by his son Daiki. He also built the Treasure Star, which is modeled after the Diva-class Ship and called it the "Grand Wings".

Well this is from the Manga so I think there are some explanations that needs to be clarified by the Anime's producers. But I can say one thing: Treasure Star is Canon. This is confusing enough because if alien lifeforms were possible in a Gundam series, then time travel is too due to the plot. The problem is: WHO THOUGHT OF THE TIME TRAVELING IDEA IN A GUNDAM SERIES?

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