So since I can't usually do all of the contribution in Gunplapedia by myself, Can you guys lend me a hand? I welcome every contributor here to help me improve the wiki.

Here are da rules:

  • For Gunpla infoboxes, use "Template:Gunpla Infobox". For B-Club resin kit infoboxes, use "Template: B-Club Infobox". For non-Gunpla infoboxes, use "Template: Plamo Infobox"
  • For the page's titles, type "X mobile suit/character name/kit name (if this was a 2/multi-pack set, and not an individual release) and add "(Classification (1/144, 1/100, HG, HGUC, MG etc)). Also, add Versions like "Ver. 2.0" and/or "Ver. 2.0 Clear Color Ver." if this page was a variant kit.
  • Packaging art, stock photos can be found at pages like: AmiAmi, Amazon Japan, Happinet Online or any other hobby shop sites. (G-World Taiwan has them, but some of them has smaller package images.)
    • Notes
      • No watermarks on the images.
      • Some images require Google Images to find it.
  • Classifications, Series (in English Titles), Price, Full, vintage release dates & ISBN codes is required for the templates.
  • Add & fill up the "Includes" & "Kit Features & Gimmicks" section.
  • "Variants" section is required.
    • Add & Fill Up the gallery section. (if you can't find any images, I'll handle it.)
  • For tagging, Tag "Gunpla" "(Gundam Series franchise, in English titles)" "Gunpla released in the 80's/90's/2000's/2010's", "(Classifications (in short forms))", "Polycap types".
    • OPTIONAL: "Exclusives", "Bandai Hobby Online Shop exclusives" (if this was a P-Bandai exclusive kit), "Freebies" & "Hobby Japan/Dengeki Hobby Magazine Freebies" if this was a Freebie kit.
  • You can fix some grammar errors if needed.

P.S.: Check the wikia's pages for reference before you start adding pages, thank you. :) FigureGunplaFan (talk) 15:21, April 20, 2017 (UTC)

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