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  • Gaeaman788


    December 3, 2011 by Gaeaman788

    Just testing

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  • Gaeaman788

    Gundam Creation

    November 18, 2010 by Gaeaman788

    Taking some inspiration from KiraZala 16, here I go

    Mobile Suit

    GNT-0000/TS- 00 Qan[T] Twin Saber


    GN Sword IV Full Saber

    GN Buster Sword Kai (basically the GN Buster Sword's blade part with a green edge)

    GN Long Gunblade (GN Sword IIs with a green edge)

    GN Short Gunblade (stored on knees)

    GN Shield III


    Before the GN Sword V and the GN Sword Bits were completed, Celestial Being decided to upgrade its old weaponry in case of a fight against the ESF. To that end, they took the incomplete 00 Qan[T] and gave it modified versions of the weapons used by the 00 Gundam.

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  • Gaeaman788

    1st Blog Gunpla Review

    September 9, 2010 by Gaeaman788

    So, I was thinking that if any of you editors were also Gunpla modelers, maybe we could write some review of some of the model kits or action figures we have bought. Please share your thoughts on this.


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