Sekai Kamiki practices a style of martial arts known as Jigen Haō-ryū Kempō (次元覇王流拳法), developed predominantly as a striking art using punches, kicks, knee strikes, elbow strikes and open-hand techniques such as knife-hands, spear-hands, and palm-heel strikes. While piloting the Build Burning Gundam, Sekai demonstrates the full efficiency of this art.

Shippū-zuki (疾風突き)
A punch that is capable of stirring up the wind and scattering Plavsky Particles away from the playing field.
Soten Guren-ken (蒼天紅蓮拳)
A jumping uppercut.
Seiken-zuki (聖拳突き)
Seiken-zuki (正拳突き)
A straight (or occasionally, lunging) punch, with striking fist charged with Plavsky Particles. Sekai occasionally attaches the Winning Knuckle to improve the overall efficiency of this technique.
Seisō-geri (聖槍蹴り)
A diving kick while airborne, with striking foot charged with Plavsky Particles.
Senpū Tatsumaki-geri (旋風竜巻蹴り)
This technique uses rapid spins to generate a rotating vortex around themselves, parrying attacks and other incoming artillery as well as repelling nearby opponents. The powerful whirlwind had an additional benefit of obscuring enemy's visual, allowing the before finishing with a roundhouse kick.
Ryūsei Rasen-ken (流星螺旋拳)
This fist attack using a rotating fist, while concentrating Plavsky Particles to the striking hand. The resulting contact pierces the target with a beam of concentrated Plavsky Particles.
Dangan Hagan-ken (弾丸破岩拳)
This ground-pound attack uses a fist charged with Plavsky Particles. With the Winning Knuckle attached, this technique can easily pulverize the ground from the immense impact, causing widespread destruction to the landscape.
Senkō Majutsu-geri (閃光魔術蹴り)
A two-part technique. A diving kick, followed by a booster-assisted knee strike.
Hadō Reppaku-ken (波動列帛拳)
A high-level move that sends a torrent of fiery Plavsky Particle coursing through the ground.

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