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    Gundam Seed Trivia

    August 13, 2016 by Innereyesview

    Trivia of Gundam Seed

    While it is commonly established by the Lore of Gundam Seed that Beams in CE does not have repelling factor in them as a result beam sabers would go through each other. However, beam particles, plasma, ionic or photonic alike should be able to produce repelling factor when they clash even if the Mirage Colloid Particles used to maintain the beam sabers form does not have repelling factor in them.

    Hyper Deuterion Engine: While people generally believe that this engine can't produce enough energy to keep up with the energy consumption rate of the Destiny Gundam, the fact that the internal phase shift armor was required to withstand and aid in discharging excessive energy proves that it wasn't the Hyper Deuterion Engine bu…

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