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Extreme Vs Maxi Boost

Kaihedgie October 24, 2013 User blog:Kaihedgie

Yes, they confirmed yet arcade update for Extreme Vs called Maxi Boost. Since I can't read Japanese, I don't know what new gameplay mechanics or features they added other than something called S and F-Drive. Buuuut, this image in particular confirms a LOT of new units:

From left to right

AGE-1, Avalanche Exia, Perfect Strike, Penelope, Legend and Brave Commander Type. Additional image confirming AGE-2 Another image for new features. The G-Bull can spotted on the right page and on a screenshot which seems to suggest it can switch between BULL and FIGHTER configurations. Char's Zaku is also returning and a new Gundam appears to be coming to this update.

So, what do you think of this?

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