Hell Scythe Strike

Gundam Creation

Body: XXXG-01D2 Deathscythe Hell

Accommodations: Pilot only, in 360 Degree cockpit using Mobile Trace System

Armor Materials: Gundanium Alloy and Variable Phase Shift Armor

Powerplant: Ultracompact hyper deuterion nuclear reactor

Systems: Zero system, Generation Unsubdued Nuclear Drive Assault Module complex, and Anti-beam reflective system

Armaments: Retractable Beam Scythe stored for recharge on hip

  • Buster Shield, equipped with beam blade, can be launched at target and retrieved mounted on left forearm
  • Machine Cannon x 2
  • Vulcan Cannon x 2
  • 2x MA-M02G “Super Lacerta” beam saber
  • 2x MA-M21KF combinable high-energy beam rifle
  • 2x MMI-M15E “Xiphias 3” Rail Cannons, their position can be swapped to the rear skirt armor in exchange for the beam rifles.
  • 2x MX2200 beam shield generator
  • 12x Homing Missiles, 6 on the outside of each leg

Special Equipments and Features: 4x Modified "Voiture Lumière" booster engines

  • Multi-Lock Weapons System ("Full Burst Mode")
  • Neutron Jammer Canceller
  • Active Cloak Beam Deflection Barrier & Stealth System
  • Hyper Jammer ECM Suite (on backpack)

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