I've just found out that the gundams of the C.E. timeline (SEED and SEED Destiny) that are listed in this wiki are no longer including gundam in their name. That kind of annoys me; I don't want to sound like a whiner, but they do deserve to be called Gundams. The counter argument is that "they are not gundams, only the OS they operate on is refered to by the name", well since those MS's run on the Gundam system that therefore classifies them as gundam type mobile suits, since no other C.E. MS's had the gundam system. Hell, even Kira and Athrun identified the gundams as gundams (SEED and SEED Destiny episodes 2 & 1 respectively) so the writers must have wanted those machines to be called gundams by their fans. To me, denying to put gundam in Freedom, or Strike, or Destiny's names is almost like refusing to acknowledge them as gundams. That is not right to me and it should not be to those who are diehard fans of Gundam! And to those who want to argue that they are not the first to be gundams without the word actually being in their name, I would like to point out that on the model boxes of gundams such as The Blue Destiny Series or 00 Qan[T] DO NOT have gundam in their box titles, whereas Strike Freedom Gundam and Destiny Gundam DO HAVE "GUNDAM" in their titles, so there is difference. I beseech the Admins and other contributors to this wiki to reinstill the Title of Gundam to the Names of the Cosmic Era Gundams, for the sake of upholding their honor as legitimate Gundams! What I ask does not stem from a desire to see proper details, but rather stems from passion at wanting Gundams to be known as Gundams when it can be done (that is something i wanted to make clear to everyone).

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