I can't exactly say I'm a big observer of this franchise, but I have watched some episodes of the first anime on YouTube that could be available and I'm actually hyped to the Sieg Zeon speech. Although, I feel that this wiki is a little too based on just Wikipedia than as a wiki of it's grandeur, but maybe that's just my personal preferences talking. I keep seeing some remarks of Degwin confessing murdering Zeon in the 52 count, but no other plans beyond that. The birth order of the Zabi children should be accounted for as well. Then there's the franchise itself. It's hard to tell whether this was something kid friendly or something more grown-up for the seventies. From what I've gathered there were some brief instances of awkward shower scenes, Gihren was a complete monster, just as Char was a complicated guy, but some aspects strike me as too harsh or out there. Like Kamaria's actions in her only appearance which I find to be quite naïve and selfish, even though Amuro seems to be going downhill himself, Char's continuing changing character, Degwin's apparent, yet sympathetic, lack of a backbone, and some other things I can't quite think of. All I'm is, this franchise will probably be more harder for to process than Dragon Ball, and that was a franchise I'm not too sure of, either. Still, some part of me wants to research both to make alternate fan fictions someday when I have the time. Maybe the veterans among you can help clear out some confusion sometime. But I guess we can start by telling me which parental guidance rating the original anime was given. The rest look interesting, even if I haven't read their plots, but I think I'd make a story on the original for whatever reason.

Well, the Origin website seems to have some information. So that might be a good start.

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