• Sosoyaya


    July 6, 2011 by Sosoyaya

    Gundam 00 has gathered information in Japan. We bring things to date.

    birth date was written pages tieria. Birthday tieria however. 00 directors had been denied.

    July 2011 in Japan, a Sunrise official setting, tieria has no sex. In Japan, commonly known.

    >Mobile Suit Gundam 00P: Question and AnswerCorner, Dengeki Hobby Magazine October 2009

    That is the basis of the above text of the Q & A very old magazine in 2009, it was the wrong type of Anew. (I write and type combat) Director for tieria "has no sex," we answered. Also, later, the writer answered Q & A, setting the character's own answer is no. Q & A is out riding again after the book was not all. tieria except in this Q & A has no gender. Find out in several subsequent books, "no sex" and …

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