Before I begin I would like to say thank you for taking the time to check out my review and supporting this great web site dedicated to Gundam, this is my first review of what I hope to be many many more, I simply like to talk about Gunpla and desire to deliver to you a much more detailed veiw and understanding of the model kit than what most other web sites can offer, us Americans pay out the wazoo on shipping and overal price so its an expensive thing to have imported only to find you do not like something about it or be dis pleased with it (HG Wing Zero comes to mind), please note that I am doing this for free and for you, thus please do not judge me too
100 1322
hard and take what I say with a grain of salt if you do not agree with me because trust me its bound to happen, I would also like you to know that there may be times where I added a lilttle extra detail to a part (a painted line, decal, etc.) but I will always specify if I do, sometimes I have to take advantage of my time and just do it before finished such as my paint considering its cold and will cause it to crack I have to do it when its at its warmest in my enviorment. Any comments or suggestions you might have should be posted on my talk page in which I observe everyday around noon est, also will take request! Thanks =D and I hope this is helful and enjoyable for you.
1/144HGUC #66 RX-78GPO2A / GundamGPO2A
Release Date July 12th, 2006
Series Gundam 0083
Pilot Anavel Gato
Other Gunpla versions

GPO2A MG 1/100 -- GPO2A MG 1/100 Metal plating--

GPO2 A gunpla box
100 1347
100 1340
100 1339

Gundam 0083 has always been one of my favorite mech animes for years now for its adult nature and mobile suit designs (aside from Kou Iraki hes just annoying and bratty) so when I seen this kit I had to have it! A lot of things draw me to this kit such as the over sized atomic cannon and shoulder boosters which I think are just designed terrific, not too mention when Gato returns to Solomon is a major memorable event in the Gundam multi verse (Yes multi verse, not everything is set in UCs planet) so without any further interruption lets get this shindig started!

PART 1- Part frames.
GPO2A HGUC -66 frame

This part is pretty typical for every Gunpla kit. The GPO2 has six part frames, your standard poly cap fram, and much to my surprise a black stand in which can hold the GPO2A as well as GPO1A FB to create a combat scene from 0083, its actually pretty cool, and to be quite frank the GPO2A is a little fickle on standing in a pose and oftentimes falls over with little to affect it, thus the stand is a must and thank god it was added! One thing that I do not like about this set up however is that parts such as the front of its shield and side of the legs are way too close to the frame and often leave pegs which you have to cut or sand off, which is very normal for any kit, but this one was hard to get my cutters around considering the angle it sat at, but with a little sand paper it is no big deal, I just wonder why the did not just make the frame a tad bigger and place the connecting plastic on the flat side, I mean the only thing within the frame is the shield and top of the shoulder boosters which is not much at all when it comes to taking up space.

PART 2- Chest
GPO2A HGUC chest 2

The chest has a lot of curves and bends w=which is nice and true to the anime, in actuallity I expected under par detail on the chest but they actually did a nice job on it, oftentimes I find myself adding detail to chests, but this one doesn't really need it. the yellow vents underneath the breast of the kit is a nice touch as opposed to leaving it a blue or a gray as I have seen Bandai do with detail, but one downfall is that a small raised cylinder is inside of the part it'self (same with several parts of this kit) so laying a decal in it is rough, I had to use a small razor to actually push the decal into place, I have been told however the reason these parts are raised is for painting purposes which is prime and dandy, but for folks who do not desire painting this kit it is hard sometimes to get the decals in and in the right way which is frustrating as all heck. The rounded part over the pilots coc pit was done rather nice and is not misportioned like some other kits I have seen, the only thing is those damn little gray bolt parts! No lie I lost everyone of them before putting it on the kit, they would flip off my tweasers or just couldn't find the way into the slot cause it is just so little, thus the things are constantly flying away from you which I am sure most of you wont have this problem, I was just ancy at the time I suppose. Also the green decal on the left is a nice touch, for some reason I think it just makes it look a lot better. Overal not shabby, but damn those little bolt parts! I didn't actually get a pic of it at the time, but there is actually a back pack unit on the kit that is basically just a big cube with 02 on it, a little circle doo dad with a raised center, and what appears like compartments coming down that I compare to bricks hanging upside down, at least it is not blank, but it is gray so there goes adding detail unless you paint.

Part 3- The head.

awww he looks mad =(

GPO2A has a pretty unique shaped head for a Gundam byt that doesn't mean it's difficult in any way, except for the eyes which are always a pain and a technique in it'self, though I am happy to tell you the eyes on this kit are actually pretty simple compared to others I have done (HGUC 1/144 Hazel comes to mind). On the sides of the head are the yellow decals, these came like a box that had to be folded over the part right which took a lot of paitence to line up right givin the space to apply it, in all honesty I probably re applied the left one 7 times before being satisfyed with its alignment! The top of the head is three flat spaces that appear to be vents, again the detail is raised for painting purposes, but they are actually a lot easier to deal with that n the rest of the locations on the kit with the raised plastic. The mouth is horrible I mean I hate the lack of detail on the face thus I added black lines around its mouth and on the edge of the face to add more detail depth to it, it just looked so gosh darn blank! However you wil be happy to know that using a thin tipped marked will solve your problem and has a decent amount of room to apply the lines.

Part 4-Shoulder boosters and Arms
GPO2A HGUC Arms and back booster
I went ahead and combined these parts into one section considering the boosters actually fit into a poly cap on the shoulder part located on the side of it. The arms and third booster unit for the shoulder boosters were practically a white void of NOTHING, thus I went ahead and added some detail to livin it up for my review and so you all could see the simple stuff I added which makes it look soooo much better! The 02 and slash actually have a decal to fit in their space, but they are a lighter gray and I just didn't like them so I went ahead and added black with a fine point pen. (Bare in mind I am going to re paint them, they look crappy) The big
GPO2A HGUC shoulder boosters
booster units are actually really neat, they open up and set side ways when opened which has a neat mechanism to control it, honestly one of the neatest parts I have come across thus far. They too were very blandly detailed though all I added this time was the red stripe you see and then added the yellow decals which really pop when done, not too mention they are huge, when not opened up they are longer than the head and chest of the unit! They are a really good fit with the poly cap as well, for as heavy as they are I figured they would fall out easy or not want to remain in a pose and fall from being loose, way to go Bandai, I am actually impressed with the boosters and the neat way they open and close using the mechanism inside. The actual cone at the end of the boosters moves a lot and has no set way of setting in so oftentimes they look crooked or do not look right with the others, weird how Bandai decided to do that you would think they set against the booster in place but nooooo......the back of the shoulders has a slot with a poly cap for adding the third booster units that you see in the pics above, man these arms have a lot of weight and somehow manage to stay in place, bah I am repeating myself but it is just so cool and spiffy it can hold it, now the left arm can be a different story, I will get to that in the weapons and accessories part. Other than the lack of detail before and after decals, the arms are a fantastic part of this kit.

Part 5- Waist, legs, and feet.


one thing I have always liked about the GPO2A are the design of its legs, I usually do not liked over bulky mech designs but I like the design of the plating, the knee unit that sticks out, and it's heavy looking feet that appear much bigger than other Gundam designs, and this kit retained all of it! The legs are very detailed which was nice after gazing apon so much white space from the other parts, sure it is still mostly white but at least it has enough details and spots to potentially be painted with ease and look incredible, not too mention the lower leg is actually three separate pieces that fit, thus its not rounded as much and a lot easier to maintain while preping for paint. The only decal on the leg parts are at the knee under the rounded extended part which is another box decal that is to be folded over the part ( I am really starting to hate this type of decal at this point ) which is at least a little.....okay a ton easier than the head. The feet are actually two separate parts, the white curved piece with the red dome in the center and the large bolt at the end of the foot, and the large red foot it'self with a poly cap at the heel in order to fit up under the leg plating which all in all has a really neat look to it. The upper leg part that connects to the waist is another blank part (i know it is common but sometimes I feel something could have been added there like a tad of detail) thus I added another black line across them, good thing is they fit extremely welll like the boosters with the hip, so even though its bulky you wont pull it out of the joint when posing it. The waist is the biggest waist for a HG yet! Up front are the plates that hang down from the crotch (what else would you like me to call it and it be politically correct) now any other time I would probably have a complaint, but it is a solid fit again, I gotta say this kit is solid all around so far on connections and being a tight but moveable fit. The Beam Sabers fit into two slots on the sides of the hip which are really cool and true to the anime, it is also possible to pose the arm for a sword draw pose that I think is cool. With a tight fit and a very cool design these legs are some awsome ones, if I ever made a parts top ten these are somewhere in the top three easy and they arent even the bast legs to pose without a stand so that is saying something!

Part 6- Weapons and Accessories.

GPO2A HGUC Shield and Atomic Bazooka
First off the Atomic Bazooka and the Shield are HUGE I mean the shield literally covers about sixty percent of the model when you place it in the center and the atomic booster is longer than most HGs! But this is not a bad thing you see while the Bazooka lacks any color other than the ever so legendary used gray, it features amazing detail that lives up to the shows details which are incredible once painted and I imagine with how big it is a LED light is not impossible to install, when put on the model the Atomic booster has a little other part at the end of it that connects to the arm of the kit to add more stability to it while holding, it makes the arms of the kit look so puny but its so cool, there is also a lens that slides out of the side to make the kit look as if it were aiming, though its another raised plastic gray art without a decal...shame fortunately there are places to get that and that and other times to tell you about it! Now one really big flaw is how heavy the damn shield is, see if you try to stand the model while holding it off the stand your sure to have it fall over, it makes sense why its so heavy but man it is a big pain sometimes and the hand really does not want to keep together on it, mine is basically holding on for dear life atm so I sat the end of it on the kits foot for more support, even on the stand it wobbles violently, but man is it cool. The decals for the shield were fairly simple...other than raised plastic detail!!!!!!! Also the tops and bottom parts move to hold one end of the Bazooka when its not attached and set up which is a neat detail to show off when posing the kit. The beam sabers beam is wide and long unlike other beam sabers, definitely some of the coolest weapons and beam sabers, and that shield...maybe I can do a weight mod =) .

Part 7- Final Sum ------ SCORE: A-

All in all I really like this kit other than the raised detail, weight distrabution issues (which is forgivin by the inclusion of the stand), and lack of any detail with so much blank space. Now I love the atomic booster and shield proportions, it really is true to the show and makes for awsome menacing poses, the shoulder boosters are neat as all heck and feature a spiffy mechanism of parts that open and close them. Legs, I like these legs! Also the beam saber slot ont he waist is awsome and as said before makes for some neat poses, the beam sabers laser is also pretty big and wide as opposed to rounded which only make those more awsome, its just awsome and fun to look at, not for a starter though because of some of the intracit parts like the booster mechanism so stick to something else f your first venture into Gunpla.

There you have it folks my first review, thanks to the admin for thinking of doing this and offering their blessings about doing it, please support what I do with my reviews if you like it and I can nearly promise three reviews a month but we will see. Once again plus leave any comments, suggestions, or hate on my talk page or below the review, I am open to anything including harsh reviews which yet again is still welcome, I am not the best nor do I expect to be called the best, I just love Gunpla and enjoy talking about it as do you I am sure. Please note that I am thinking of including videos to these reviews and box openings. Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoyed it, catch you soon with my Unicorn Destroy and God......Burning Gundam reviews! Thanks and be safe!

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