Since I was a young Lass around the age of 14 I noticed a certain model at my local Walmart that blew my mind to the point I put my Pokemon card back and got.....Gundam Deathsythe Hell custom HG!!!!!

I was so stoked to go home and put this bad mofo together but the second I opened that box my little beams of joy shooting from my eyes quickly went to hell!

See the detail was nil, the painting on it was awful, the stickers were friggen impossible to get on the money, it just amounted to one big dissapointing eperience. Later in life however I learned about the HG MG and PG versions of the models, but then I saw a custom painted Unit 2 from 0083 and it blew my socks off! Since then I have had a tremendous urge to get into painting the models.

See I am currently employed as a Atuo body painter, thus I have tremendous experience when dealing with air brush guns and compressors, but I have zero info or rl friends about this =(

Okay -Do you primer them? What type, kind, and brand of paint do you use most often? Which model is a good rookie model to begin on? How much spray do you coat onto the piece?

Thank you so much for reading this and any suggestions or help is greatly appriciated, you have no idea how big a help it would be to hear from you =)

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