Okay for this post (as the title implies) I ask you what you found to be the most down right confusing or complex pliece of tech, this can include weapons, armor, mobile suit part (such as Bio computer, Trans-Am, I-field etc etc.

For me its definatly the psycho frame. I friggen love Chars Counter Attack but man every time i watch it I try to figure it out and fail to really et a few things. This Wikia helped shed alot of light but I began feeling a little like a idiot when I began wondering, is the psycho frame built into the body of the mobile suit, or is it the little metal "T" that is scene being held by Chan when she shoots down.....oh the old type chick in the blue mobile suit for Zeon....anywho that is one of the scenes it is shown. But there you have it folks, I would love to hear what you think regarding the subject =D

Ty very much for reading.

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