Alrighty folks heres my first post here at Gundam wiki =D.

Anywho as the title implies there are a few Gundam mangas and hobby magazines ive been fortunate enough to find and have translated so I have ran into some pretty obscure Gundam titles but the one that stands out to me has gotta be S Gundam (Sentinal) I mean the mech design of the EX-s is just beast mode, sure alot of people can complain that wayyyyy to much detail and tid bits went into it design, but I feel as a giant robot amongst some serious bad assery in Gundams, it was bound to happen that one of them would come along and be huge and bulky, but have some serious fire power and large beam weapons (nothing like the Fazz though my god). The pilot of the EX-s is very likable, unlike other Gundam pilots hes optimistic about his skills and really trys his best at everything he does and not turn into a little girl when he fails (Kou Iraki =/ ) so to me he is one of the more likable pilots.

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