The VGMM-La01b Dahack is a mobile suit hidden form of mobile armor VGMM-La01a Dharma in the Gundam Reconguista in G anime series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Dahack is a mobile suit developed by the G-IT Laboratory. Its biggest feature is being able to use Dharma as both a long distance navigation unit and an outer shell armor. For combat the Dahack doesn't use a beam rifle, instead its armaments are four beam cannons that double as beam sabers, it also contains a beam barrier built-in defense system in both hands. In Venus Globe the Dahack performs a non-combatant role, its used for mining and transporting mineral resources.


  • Beam Barrier
Built into the Dahack's palms is a beam barrier defense system, it uses an I-Field in order to also absorb the enemy's energy as a ability called Plunder. In peacetime the beam barrier is used for protection against debris during mining.
  • Beam Cannons
Four beam generators are located on the back of Dahack. They are beam cannons that double as beam sabers.

Special Equipment & Features


Megafauna brought Dahack, Dharma, and Trinity out from the G-IT Laboratory and gave them to the Amerian Army when they returned to the Earth Sphere.


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