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The Verne 35A/MPFM Multipurpose Flight Module is a support system derivative of the METEOR, and featured in the SEED-MSV (Gundam SEED Mobile Suit Variations) series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A mobile suit support craft based on the METEOR system, the Verne 35A/MPFM Multipurpose Flight Module was designed to be used as a high-speed booster for a variety of mobile suits and shuttles. The Verne 35A/MPFM lacks the METEOR's heavy armaments, however, it can be equipped with missile launchers when docked with a mobile suit, as demonstrated when Jean Carry, in a MBF-M1 Astray equipped with the 35A/MPFM module attacked Ile De Llorar's RGX-04 Proto Saviour.


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