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Vice-Minister Darlian






  • April 20, 195 (A.C.)
  • Deceased
  • Male
  • Vice-Foreign Minister

Vice-Foreign Minister Darlian (ドーリアン外務次官?) is the former member of the Sanc Kingdom senate and later representative of the United Earth Sphere Alliance. He is the adopted father of Relena Peacecraft.


Vice-Foreign Minister Darlian served as the liaison between the United Earth Sphere Alliance and the Colonies. Darlian was a senator in the Sanc Kingdom who served the Peacecraft family. Upon the death of King Peacecraft when the UESA attack, Darlian adopted Princess Relena Peacecraft and fled the burning country. Darlian instilled in his adoptive daughter the Peacecraft ideal of total pacifism, and continued to seek peace between Earth and the Colonies.

In AC 195, as OZ and the Romefeller Foundation were gaining power and pushing for a more militaristic approach towards the Colonies, Darlian became a threat to them. Thus, Lady Une, a high ranking OZ officer was ordered to assassinate the Vice-Foreign Minister. She threw a bomb in the middle of the conference, killing everyone else but mortally injuring the Minister. Then, members of the Colony Liberation Organization took the Minister and Relena into their custody. As the Minister lay dying he told Relena of her true heritage and urged her to continue the ideal of total pacifism and be wary of OZ. As Relena fell to the sedative, the Minister died. Relena later blamed CLO for not taking her adoptive father to a hospital.

When Relena returns to the Sanc Kingdom, she began to preach total pacifism to the other nations.



Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Preceded by Vice-Foreign Minister Succeeded by
Unknown Vice Foreign Minister Darlian
A.C. 182 - A.C. 195
Relena Darlian
A.C. 196 - A.C. ??

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