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  • Male
  • Mobile Suit Pilot
Mobile Weapons

Vidar (ヴィダール Vuidāru?) is a character introduced in the second season of the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.

Personality & Character

A mysterious and reclusive individual, Vidar rarely speaks unless prompted to. Due to valuing order and stability, he will not hesitate nor question the reasons for attacking any group that threatens those principles. When prodded on why he chooses to fight, Vidar responded that he fights for revenge. Julieata Juris also notes that he has thrown aside his true identity and taken the name of his mobile suit for the sake of his revenge.

Skills & Abilities

While piloting the ASW-G-XX Gundam Vidar, Vidar has proven himself to be an immensely skilled pilot. He was able to quickly and effortlessly destroy multiple enemy mobile suits.


At some point between 323 and 325 P.D, Vidar became a member of Gjallarhorn's Arianrhod Fleet and a subordinate of the fleet's commander, Rustal Elion. He seeks revenge on McGillis and Tekkadan, and reveals to Rustal that McGillis had used Tekkadan to weaken Gjallarhorn and increase his own influence.

While serving in the fleet, Vidar spends most of his time advising Rustal on how to counter McGillis as well as assisting in the overhaul of his mobile suit, the Gundam Vidar. He eventually strikes up a curious rapport with fellow mobile suit pilot Julieta Juris.

When those seeking independence in the Oceanian Federation colonies rebelled, Vidar sorties alongside Julieta and Iok Kujan to supress the dissidents. He decimates their forces with his Gundam Vidar.

Vidar is later dispatched alongside Julieta as part of a recon mission to discover what became of Iok Kujan's team after they confronted Tekkadan and McGillis. Upon reaching  Mars, Vidar and Julieta split up to search for the team. While scouting he encounters McGillis and Isurugi Camice piloting a Graze Ritter Commander Type and the Helmwige Reincar respectively. As Vidar looks at McGillis and Camice's suits, he muses to himself about how unexpected it is to meet McGillis on Mars. Julieta contacts Vidar, inquiring about his whereabouts and ordering him to regroup with her. Before Vidar leaves, he monotonically asked McGillis how he could pilot the same model of mobile suit that Carta Issue once piloted while crying out her love for him, stunning McGillis.  

After regrouping with Julieta, Vidar apologizes for his late arrival which Julieta brushes off. Julieta asked Vidar to look after Iok Kujan while she heads off to stop the Hashmal.  


Vidar is a subordinate of Rustal Elion. He also provided information about the links between McGillis Fareed and Tekkadan.
Vidar is initially apathetic to Julieta despite her mistrust of him. The two eventually warm to each other, with the taciturn Vidar even revealing a few hints to Julieta regarding his motivations and past.




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