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Eye Color
  • Gray
  • April 14, 0015 (A.W.)
  • Deceased
  • Male
  • Alternative Company Owner
Mobile Weapons

Von Alternative(フォン・アルタネイティヴ ) is a character in After War Gundam X and appears in episodes 3 to 5.


Von Alternative is the owner and head of the Alternative Company; he is steadfast in his belief that a detailed study of Tiffa Adill will lead to a revolution for his company and make it the most powerful in the world. To this end, he subjected her to testing only to have her taken by Jamil Neate and the crew of the Freeden. In an effort to gain Tiffa back for the company's use, he relies first on Reich Anto to recover the girl.

When Reich fails and is killed while trying to regain Tiffa, Von strikes a deal with Shagia Frost. Waiting at his company building, Tiffa is soon delivered to him by Olba Frost. Learning of the coming attack by the Freeden and a group of other Vultures, Von has the MA-06 Grandeene flown onto the company grounds and pilots it as best as he can. His attacks with the mobile armor's long-range, photon particle launcher cannon are ended when the Grandeene is destroyed by Garrod Ran in the GX-9900 Gundam X. The attack by the Gundam X also resulted in the death of Von Alternative and the destruction of much of the company's buildings.


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