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The new ZAFT battleship Minerva chases the Girty Lue. Meanwhile, Cagalli and Athrun are led through the ship by Durandal but Cagalli is confronted by an angry Shinn. They find the enemy ship and the Minerva's mobile suits are ordered to launch.


In pursuit of the hijacked 3 Gundams, Shinn and Rey come outside of Armory One. There, however, awaits the Alliance special forces commander,Neo Roanoke. Neo, a veteran pilot, play with the two units with “MA Exus'” wire-guided Gunbarrel and attack them from all directions. Shinn and Rey are saved by the Minerva. The Minerva interpose between them and start to attack the enemy mothership,Girty Lue.

Girty Lue, however, escapes by detaching the ship’s propellant tanks and detonating them. On-board the Minerva, in pursuit of Girty Lue, was Athrun and Cagalli who engaged the three Gundams. Durandal apologizes his discourtesy that he is not able to return the two to Orb due to the urgent situation. He then offers a tour of the ship with him as a gesture of good faith between PLANT and Orb.

Witnessing the Minerva’s and Impulse Gundam’s capabilities that are far more destructive than expected, Cagalli becomes enraged. “We made a pledge! Not to repeat the tragedies of the past, and to choose a path we could proceed along hand in hand!” Shinn overreacts to her words and vents his anger on her.

Alert blares throughout the ship. Apparently, Girty Lue was picked up on sensors, and the captain ordered battle stations. A battle staged in the Debris Belt is about to begin.


Mobile Weapon


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