The White Dingo Team was an elite Earth Federation Forces military unit who were primarily deployed in Australia during the One Year War. The first MS team of the Australian Regiment (AR-01). The Dingo Team are one of the most well-equipped units in the EFF, outfitted with personally customized mobile suits in the unit's distinctive white, gray and navy blue colors. The members of the White Dingo Team are the protagonists of the Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story 0079: Rise From The Ashes video-game.


The White Dingo Team MS team is part of the Federation's Australian forces sent to take back Australia late in the One Year War. Along with this team, are three other groups; Green Echidna, Yellow Quokka and Red Possum. MS pilot Master Pierce Rayer is the team leader. Other members include pilots Leung Fee-Fai, Maximilian Berger and operator Anita Julianne. With its victory at Odessa, the EFF seeks to regain the Earth front. However, the Principality of Zeon forces based in Australia, led by ace pilot Visch Donahue, refuse to surrender despite negotiations for the withdrawal of the Zeon forces. This leads to the major offensive on November 22, U.C. 0079.

During this campaign, the White Dingo Team discovers that the Zeon forces have developed a bioweapon called "Astaroth", which was transported from California Base to Australia. The White Dingo team would go on to fight several battles, as well as assist in the defense of the Torrington Base in December 26. On January 1, U.C. 0080, The EFF launch a final attack on the last Zeon stronghold of Hughenden fortress, with the Dingo's managing to destroy the H.L.V. carrying the Astaroth sample. This was to be the last mission for the White Dingo Team, as the One Year War ends soon after.


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