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Hair Color
  • Blond
Eye Color
  • Light Blue
  • Male
  • Celestial Sphere Team Leader
Mobile Weapons

Wilfrid Kijima (キジマ・ウィルフリッド Kijima Uirufuriddo?) is a character that appears in Gundam Build Fighters Try. He is acknowledged by Sekai Kamiki to be his rival.

Personality & Character

As the team leader of Celestial Sphere, Wilfrid is the often the most level-headed and most intelligent of the three. He desires little more than a good fight, though he cannot stand fighting against anyone who doesn't even try and thus tends to not fight as hard as he can himself. Saga Adou states that his hunger and thirst for battle exceed even his and he becomes vexed fighting half-hearted foes. His uncle Allan, pointed out that because of his skill and ability that there is a sense of loneliness to be had. However, that changed when he fought Sekai Kamiki in earnest. Seeing his resolve and eagerness, he even discarded the Transient Gundam's GN Partizan just to fight on equal terms. While Saga was his rival for the longest time, Saga himself admits that fighting Sekai was the greatest enjoyment he ever had.

Wilfrid's other main desire is to become the next Meijin after Tatsuya Yuuki and thus he has adopted a few of his traits such as defending those who are being mocked and looked down on as he criticized Kei Karima for challenging Celestial Sphere while using Sekai as a mere stepping stone to test their power.




  • Wilfrid Kijima is voiced by Kenichi Suzumura, who also voiced Shinn Asuka.
    • Both of them were defeated in the end in their Gundam storylines.

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