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Genetic Type
  • Natural
Hair Color
  • Brown
  • September 26, 71 (C.E.)
  • Killed in Action
  • Male
  • Captain
Vessels Commanded

William Sutherland (ウィリアム・サザーランド) is a fictional character from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.


William Sutherland was an officer of the Earth Alliance's general staff of the Alliance's JOSH-A base. He is also a radical member of Blue Cosmos and a subordinate of its leader, Muruta Azrael.

Once the Archangel finally makes it to JOSH-A, In a meeting with other top Alliance officers, he comments on how Kira Yamato was the one who protected the Archangel prior to his MIA status, in which another officer says it was a "fortunate loss". He also says that the GAT mobile suits are to be relying on in the future, such as the Raider, Calamity, Forbidden, and the Strike Daggers. After Blue Cosmos finds out about ZAFT's planned attack on the base(The information having been provided by Rau Le Creuset), Azrael has Sutherland and the general staff set a trap that would turn the tide of the war in their favor and tip the balance of the Alliance's power towards the Blue Cosmos controlled Atlantic Federation. During the Battle of JOSH-A, Sutherland and the entire Atlantic Federation staff quietly evacuate JOSH-A by submarine, leaving behind the Archangel and the Eurasian Federation forces to keep ZAFT occupied(and dispose of them) until they were safely away. Once ZAFT breached the base and got deep enough inside, Sutherland and the general staff activated the CYCLOPS system, wiping out 80% of the ZAFT forces, along with their Eurasian allies.

In the Second Battle of Jachin Due, Sutherland commands an Agamemnon-class ship as Admiral, the Doolittle, one of the ships equipped with Moebius mobile armors with nuclear missiles. He later dies when his ship is destroyed when the Duel, piloted by Yzak Joule, fires a grenade launcher from his rifle, blowing up the bridge.