The Wise Ghirarga is a variant of the xvt-zgc Ghirarga featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Cosmic Drive/Universe Accel video game.

Technology & Combat Characteristics


  • Beam Buster
The main long-ranged weapon of the Wise Ghirarga. Mounted on the chest, it is presumably more powerful than its previous counterparts, where its able to match up with the AGE-3's Sigmaxiss Rifle and AGE-FX Stungle Rifle.
  • Beam Vulcan/Beam Saber
Mounted on both hands. Fairly effective at damaging or destroying most human made creations in addition to being able to generate a beam saber.
  • Wise Ghirarga Bits
The Wise Ghirarga Bits are beam-like all-range remote weaponry that can take down an entire force using X-Rounder brainwaves. This weapon is only usable if the Wise Ghirarga is in the "Mode X" configuration.
  • Wise Ghirarga Spear
The main close-range weapon of the Wise Ghirarga. It is able to generate a beam sickle from the tips of both ends and can also be separated into two components capable of generating a beam blade. Additionally, it can also function as a beam rifle.[1]
  • Wise Ghirarga Tail
Similar to the Zeydars, it is used as a striking weapon, and also can be hand-wielded as a whip.

System Features

Mounted on the wings, elbows, and knees, the X-Transmitter is a special amplifier than enhances an X-Rounder's fighting potential. It also allows the mobile suit to use the Wise Ghirarga Bits. The X-Transmitters are only present in the Wise Ghirarga's "Mode X".



  1. Episode 36 The Stolen Gundam

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