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Wong Lee (ウォン・リー Won Ri?) is a character from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. An important employee of Anaheim Electronics and a strong martial artist, Wong served during the Gryps War and the First Neo Zeon War as the corporation's representative to the AEUG.


In Zeta Gundam, Wong made his first appearance after the Argama docked at the lunar city of Amman as a corporate representative of Anaheim Electronics. There, he beat Kamille Bidan into unconsciousness, after Kamille demonstrated a lack of military discipline when he missed an important meeting to repair a Haro. However, later in that episode, Wong piloted a mining Junior Mobile Suit to help save Kamille from the Titans.

Wong comes off in both series as a haughty person. He typically bosses around AEUG personnel and butts heads with both Bright Noa and Quattro Bagina over strategy and tactics. Later, after Wong joined the crew of the Argama and even served as the AEUG's representative in negotiations with Axis, the crew avoided him. However, there was a reason behind his methods.

While Wong acknowledged that the AEUG and Anaheim Electronics were secret partners during the Gryps War, he also knew that the AEUG was dependent upon on Anaheim Electronics for funding, logistical support, and military hardware. Coupled with his job as Anaheim Electronics' representative to the AEUG, Wong minces little to accomplish his job and to push his corporation's long-term goals against the needs of the AEUG.

Also, despite his haughty personality, Wong had a good side. He bought juice for both Shinta and Qum. He helped to save Kamille from Jerid and Kacricon. Furthermore, Wong also comes off better in the theatrical versions of Zeta Gundam, where the scenes of him beating up Kamille and when he was avoided by the Argama crew were deleted.

In Gundam ZZ, Wong tries to correct Judau Ashta as he did before with Kamille, after Judau shrugged off his orders to repair the MSZ-010 ΖΖ Gundam immediately. However, Judau dodged Wong's attack and kicked him in the stomach. Fortunately, Bright Noa arrived with Elle Vianno to end the fight.

Later, Judau eavesdropped on a conversation between Bright and Wong, where Wong criticized Judau as useless because all he wanted to do was to find his sister. After Granada is damaged in battle, Wong attempted to pin the blame on Judau but to no avail as Judau's crewmates vouched for him.


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