The Workloader is a common commercial-use construction MS, featured in seasons 1-2 in Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Workloader is a civilian MS unit, with no combat capabilities on its own; it's a small tripedal mobile suit with a wheel at the base of each foot, generally used for hard manual labor that exceeds normal human capabilities.

A number of foreign militant groups around the globe have modified these units for various military purposes. Militant groups that couldn't afford or get their hands on actual military MS units instead resorted to using these units for combat purposes. They can rigged their units with a machine gun and a 4-tube missile launcher. Overall the unit is a weak substitution for an actual combat MS unit and can be easily destroyed with minimal difficulty by enemy MS forces. Despite that, it can hold on its own in battle.


The Workloader was used in the battle in Republic of Krugis in which it battles Azadistan's Anfs (Episode 1) where countless numbers of them were destroyed and outnumbered by superior MS forces. The Workloader (with Mining Equipment) was also seen to battle with Lockon Stratos(Neil Dylandy)/Gundam Dynames) who took out scores of them before scaring them off in South Africa (Episode 3).

Picture Gallery


  • Its appearance is similar to the real-life rescue robot T-52 Enryu.


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