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The XM-07R Vigna Ronah first appeared in the SD Gundam G Generation SPIRITS videogame and was designed by Kunio Okawara.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Vigna Ronah's main armament is the distinctive Buster Lancer, this giant lance usually mounts on the Vigna Ronah's backpack with a rack carrying six shot lancers, it also has four heavy machine guns on the giant lance. The Buster Lancer can be use as a hand-carried weapon, to impale the enemy while charging with high speed. In addition to the Buster Lancer, the Vigna Ronah also has a Variable Mega Beam Launcher, which is a hand-carried variant of the XM-07G Vigna Zirah's VSBR. Finally, there are fixed beam shield generator on each forearm of the Vigna Ronah which can emit a beam in the shape of a beam saber. Surprisingly, the Vigna Ronah's visor and faceplate can be retracted for better cooling while using high speed, much like F91 Gundam F91. As a result the Vigna Ronah is a very successful design, being a high performance MS while packing high offensive power in both long range and melee attack.


  • Buster Lancer
  • Shot Lancer
  • Heavy Machine Gun
  • Variable Mega Beam Launcher
A handheld high output beam weapon derived from the V.S.B.R.
  • Beam Shield Saber


After the rollout of the XM-07 Vigna Ghina and its variants, the Crossbone Vanguard made a special request to the Buch Aerodynamic to build one more Vigna-type MS exclusive for people from the Ronah clan. Unlimited funds were given for the development of Vigna Ronah, resulting in an extremely high performance MS.

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  • When the Vigna Ronah debuted in Spirits, the Buster Lancer special attack animation simply has it shoot all six shot lancers then charge-in and impale enemies with the giant lance. However, when it reappeared in SD Gundam G Generation Wars, the animation was changed and closely resembles GN-001 Gundam Exia's Seven Sword attack. The Vigna Ronah will start by throwing two shot lancers, stab the enemy with another pair as it gets close-in, then performs a back-flip and throws the last two shot lancers at the same time before finishing the enemy with the giant lance.


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