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The XMS-00S Thieleva (ティエルヴァ Tieruvua?) is the variant of the Earth Federation Forces's WMS-GB5 G-Bouncer and the unit were featured in the Three Generations Arc of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE anime series. The unit is piloted by Girard Spriggan.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Thieleva is an MS developed by the Madorna Workshop for the Earth Federation Forces' X-Rounders.[1] While the unit shares the same frame as the G-Bouncer, it has a distinctly different design than the former, which reflects its pilot. The back thrusters used by the G-Bouncers were replaced with newer weaponry called the T Bits, which are controlled remotely to take down enemies. Aside from the T Bits, the Thieleva retains most of the same armaments as the G-Bouncer; it uses the same rifle and like the G-Bouncer it has a pair of beam sabers. It also uses the same simplified shield as the G-Bouncer Deos, which is a more standard shape and lacks the Shiguru Blade equipped to the original G-Bouncer's shield.


  • DODS Rifle
A mass-produced DODS Rifle for Thieleva, which is based on G-Bouncer's DODS Rifle and serves as its primary ranged combat armament. It can be stored on the rear waist when not in use.
  • Beam Saber
The Thieleva's main close combat armaments. The Beam Saber can adjust its length for different combat situations.
  • Shield
An defensive armament of Thieleva. A fairly standard shield that can withstand damage better than the Genoace's.
  • T Bit
Unlike the G-Bouncer, Thieleva doesn't incorporate back binders in its frame, featuring instead new remote-controlled weapons called "T Bits" in their place, which require an X-Rounder pilot to be used. The T Bits are capable to enter either of these two modes; "Assault Mode", where the bits fire a beam shot at the enemies, and "Drill Mode", where the bits pierce through enemies with their blades spinning like drills.[1]


For more information on the Thieleva's history, please go to Girard Spriggan page.


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