The xvm-dac Jilsbain is a limited production variant of the xvm-zgc Zeydra, appearing in the Three Generation Arc of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. The unit was piloted by Deen Anon.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Jilsbain is a mobile suit used exclusively by the Vagan's X-Rounder Corps, it is the limited production version of the xvm-zgc Zeydra. Like the Zeydra, the Jilsbain can achieve high speeds and features high mobility in combat. The Jilsbain is equipped with the same armaments as the Zeydra, however it is unknown if any of these armaments have been improved. Likewise, it is also unknown if the Jilsbain has better performance than the Zeydra. Although the Jilsbain is a X-Rounder use mobile suit, with the aid of the Psychomet Mu-szell helmet, a normal pilots can also possibly operate it as well.


  • Beam Buster
The Beam Buster is a chest mounted, powerful beam weapon that possesses the power to destroy a few mobile suits in one shot. This armament is based on the xvm-zgc Zeydra's Beam Buster.
  • Beam Vulcan/Beam Saber
The standard ranged weapons for most Vagan mobile suits. These armaments are mounted both hands of Vagan mobile suits. These beam weapons have a high-rate of fire and are moderately powerful. They have been shown able to destroy small vehicles, buildings, and even mobile suits. In addition to being a ranged weapon, the beam vulcan is able to generate a beam saber for close range combat. Allowing Vagan mobile suits to switch quickly from ranged combat to close range combat. The beam saber can easily cut through most mobile suits.
  • Jilsbain Sword
While normally serving as the Jilsbain's "tail". This armament can be detached and used as a physical sword in close range combat. This armament is based off the Zeydra's sword.
  • Jilsbain Gun
A hand-carried beam gun wielded by the Jilsbain, which is based off the Zeydra's beam gun. This weapon has a moderate rate of fire. It can also generate a beam saber for close range combat.

System Features


The Jilsbain was first seen deployed by the Vagan forces in A.G. 164 during the battle of La Gramis. A small number of Jilsbain units were used by a X-Rounder corps composed of X-Rounder pilots and pilots using Psychomet Mu-szell helmets. This X-Rounder corps engaged in combat against both Captain Ash's forces and the Abis team during the course of the battle.

One notable Jilsbain unit was piloted by Deen Anon, who engaged in close quarters combat against the AGE-FX Gundam AGE-FX, piloted by Kio Asuno. Deen's Jilsbain however was quickly disabled by the Gundam AGE-FX's C-Funnels. Shortly after, Deen's Jilsbain is destroyed by the xvm-zbc Xamdrag, piloted by Zanald Beihart in an attempt to ambush the Gundam AGE-FX.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Though visually exactly the same machine as the Zeydra, the Jilsbain's color scheme is identical to that of the Khronos.
  • Some have speculated that the Jilsbain's model designation "dac" stands for "Deen Anon Custom". Despite it being a mass production mobile suit.


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