The xvm-dgc Khronos is a heavy assault artillery mobile suit of the Vagan that appears in the Asemu Arc of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. The unit is piloted by Desil Galette.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The xvm-dgc Khronos is a next-generation Vagan X-Rounder mobile suit. It is the sister machine of the xvm-zgc Zeydra, specializing in ranged combat.[1] The Khronos' armor appears to be heavier and thicker than the older ovv-a Baqto. In spite of the heavy armor, the Khronos can achieve incredible speeds. It is armed with two Khronos Cannons, two Beam Vulcans, the Beam Buster and a handheld Khronos Gatling Gun.[2] The black color scheme is meant to reflect Desil Galette's personal color. The Khronos has the ability to control other friendly mobile suits.[3]


  • Beam Buster
Mounted on the chest, the Beam Buster was made to counter against the AGE-2's Hyper DODS Rifle in terms of firepower. The Khronos's Beam Buster has enough firepower to destroy a few mobile suits with one shot.
  • Beam Vulcan/Beam Saber
Mounted on both hands. Fairly effective at damaging or destroying most human made creations, in addition to being able to generate a beam saber.
  • Khronos Cannon
Mounted on each side of the shoulders. The cannons have enough firepower to destroy an enemy mobile suit and a group of missiles with one shot.
  • Khronos Gun
A hand-carried weapon wielded by the Khronos, which can rapidly fire beam shots to the enemy. It can also generate a beam saber.

System Features


For the history of the Khronos, please see Desil Galette's page.


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  • It speculated by fans that the "dgc" in the Khronos' designation stands for "Desil Galette Custom".
  • It is the first Vagan mobile suit to have no tail or tail-like fixture.
  • It is named after Chronos, the personification of time.


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