The xvm-zbc Xamdrag (ザムドラーグ Zamudorāgu?) is a mobile suit from the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. It is piloted by Zanald Beihart.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

The Xamdrag is created for heavy assault missions, as such it's considered a portable mobile fortress. Despite the huge bulkiness of the suit, its design is heavily inspired from gorillas and both its arms and legs can double as separate hands. It has heavy improvements from the mass-produced Ovm-lce Reganner, such as its adaptability for space combat and newer weaponry.

The Xamdrag's armaments are also a step up to Vagan's heavy type suits. The arms and legs of the unit mount several beam vulcan guns that can generate beam sabers and its tail can also pierce through enemy mobile suits. It also adapts the same beam cannon from the Reganner, but with an increased output.


  • Beam Vulcan Gun/Beam Saber
Each of the Xamdrag's arms and feet are equipped with individual beam vulcan guns, which can take down several mobile suits. In addition, the arms and legs can also function as extra hands grappling enemies. Its beam vulcans also possesses the ability to generate beam sabers.
  • Xamdrag Tail
Similar to the Zeydalus, it is used as a striking weapon.
  • Xamdrag Cannon
The main long-ranged weapon of the Xamdrag. Mounted on the chest. The lenses can fire individually, or link their fire for a concentrated beam. It is presumably more powerful than its previous counterparts.

System Features


For the history of the Xvm-zbc Xamdrag, please go to Zanald Beihart page.


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