The xvv-xcc Zedas C is a mobile suit featured in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE ⇀EXA-LOG↽. It is piloted by Desil Galette.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The xvv-xcc Zedas C is the renovated machine of Desil Galette, whose burning desire for revenge on Flit led to the production of the Zedas C.[1] The large Zedas Cannon is mounted on the right side of the back pack and an additional high-performance radar system located on the left side.[1] This grants long-range shelling capabilities to the standard Zedas.[1] The thrusters are enhanced to compensate for mobility loss caused by the increased weight of equipment.[1]


  • Beam Vulcan/Beam Saber
Mounted on both hands. Fairly effective at damaging or destroying most human made creations. Also possess the ability to generate a beam saber.
  • Zedas Cannon
Mounted in torso. Generates a very wide beam ideal for eliminating difficult enemies that stand before the Zedas.
  • Beam Cannon
A rear-mounted beam cannon




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