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The xvx-ooo Gurdolin is the mobile suit from two episodes of Three Generation Arc of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE anime series. The Gurdolin is piloted by Godom Tyneham.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The xvx-ooo Gurdolin is a prototype mobile suit and is the best example of the implementation of the "S&S" (Simplification & Streamlining) plan, a plan that pursues simplification of components, assembly, and efficient maintenance work, as a component of its design process.

Its primary weapon is the beam scraper, the green cone shaped device on the front of the Gurdolin. The beam scraper projects a cone of beam energy that is spun, creating a beam drill that has high offensive strength and can completely obliterate a target mobile suit or wear down an enemy's beam sabers. The drill can be fired as a projectile or can remain attached to the Gurdolin to serve as a melee weapon. The Gurdolin's arms are larger than standard and have the strength to completely rip opposing mobile suits in half, or crush them with pure brute force. At the ends of those arms are a pair of beam vulcans mounted in the palms of its hands. These beam vulcans can also be used as beam sabers in CQC situations. It is worth noting that these arms are just one of the option parts available, and can be replaced by other equipment depending on the situation.

Defense-wise, the Gurdolin has anti-beam coating and its egg-shaped main body can also help to further reduce damage from enemy's attacks. Both of these features allow it to survive several hits from a Clanche Custom's beam cannon without sustaining too much damage. However, outside of these strengths it has a number of weaknesses. For instance, despite its powerful acceleration, the Gurdolin's maneuverability is relatively poor. It also has a limited set of movement patterns, making it somewhat predictable after some observation. Finally, its beam scraper cannot be used in quick succession, giving enemies an opportunity of attack after it's been fired.


  • Beam Scraper
A powerful beam weapon that creates a beam drill capable of completely obliterating most Federation mobile suits and can even push back the AGE-FX Gundam AGE-FX. However it cannot fire consecutive shots, giving opponents a moment of opportunity.
  • Beam Vulcan/Beam Saber
Mounted on both hands, they are fairly effective at damaging or destroying most human made creations. Also possess the ability to generate a beam saber.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Anti-beam Coating


For the history of Gurdolin, please go to Godom Tyneham's page




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