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The YMS-15E Gyan Eos is a variant of the YMS-15 Gyan featured in MSV-R.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Developed from the YMS-15 Gyan for actual combat, two prototypes were constructed. Its name is derived from the "Goddess of Dawn" in Greek mythology. Its mobility in space is improved by equipping a Gelgoog backpack (randsel), apparently a High Mobility Type. The Gyan Eos carries a Beam Bayonet which mounts a small beam gun. The shield missile launchers are omitted in-order to improve its defensive performance.


  • Custom Shield
Although it has similar dimensions to the original Gyan's shield, it lacks it's missile and bomb/mine loadout which increase it's defensive capability due to there being no chance of these munitions detonating within the shield. It has a large symbol of the Principality of Zeon on the center.
  • Beam Bayonet
A long rifle or spear-like weapon, the head of the weapon is lined with short beam blades, similarly to the later MS-15K Gyan Kai's beam sword.
Beam Gun
Attached to the middle of the Beam Bayonet is a Beam Gun that provides the Gyan Eos with ranged capability.
  • Giant Bazooka
The same Giant Bazooka used by the MS-09B Dom, this bazooka is magazine fed and holds 10 rounds per magazine, and a single round can blow the torso off of an enemy mobile suit.


The two prototype units were assigned to Kycilia Zabi's mobile assault forces and participated in the battle of A Baoa Qu.


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