The YMS-15SS Gyan is a Gunpla from the anime series Gundam Build Fighters and is a variant of the YMS-15 Gyan. It was built and piloted by Susumu Sazaki.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The YMS-15SS Gyan is a customized Gunpla built by Susumu Sazaki, it is based on the YMS-15 Gyan that appears in Mobile Suit Gundam anime series. Besides the standard armament of the Gyan, this custom Gyan also wield a beam rifle, and its shield has been modified to allow it to function as a wired spinning weapon.


  • Beam Rifle
Sazaki has equipped his customized Gyan with a beam rifle from the MS-14A Gelgoog for improved ranged combat capability.
  • Beam Sword
Resembling a medieval knight's sword, the beam sword is the primary melee weapon of the YMS-15SS Gyan. It has a high output and is specialized for slashing and piercing/stabbing attacks.
  • Missile Shield
The Gyan is equipped with a large circular shield that not only defend it from beam weapons, but also has offensive capabilities in the form of needle missiles and hide bombs stored within. Sazaki has modified this shield with a wire and rotating mechanism, thus it could be launched like a yo-yo or a top to damage enemy unit at a distance with its spin.
  • Needle Missile
The shield of the YMS-15SS Gyan stores 60 needle missiles. Due to their small size, the needle missiles are not very powerful and are mainly used to restrain enemy's movement or for intimidation purposes. These missiles can however still be quite deadly when fired in massed volleys.
  • Hide Bomb
A type of space mine (space version of the naval mine), 25 of them are stored in the missile shield. The hide bombs freely floats around in space once deployed, damaging any enemy units that come near them.


Susumu brought out this Gyan in a duel between him and Sei Iori's GAT-X105B Build Strike Gundam. Susumu overwhelmed Sei in battle as Sei was too focused on trying to protect his Gunpla from being heavily damaged. However, the Gyan was struck down when Reiji entered the fray and took over for Sei, who expertly defeated the Gunpla despite the fact that this was Reiji's first time fighting in a Gunpla Battle.


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Notes & Trivia

  • In Gundam Build Fighters Try, Susumu's younger brother, Tateo Sazaki wins the junior Meijin Cup with a Gyan with similar weaponry and appearance but different colors. However, it is unknown what the relationship between Tateo's Gyan and Susumu's Gyan is if any.


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