The YMS-15SS Gyan Gya Gyan is a Gunpla and the enhanced version of the YMS-15SS Gyan from the anime series Gundam Build Fighters. It was built and piloted by Susumu Sazaki.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Gyan Gya Gyan is a modified YMS-15SS Gyan Gunpla. It has a new body coloring based on the colors of M'Quve's pilot suit, and exchanged the beam rifle for an additional missile shield.


  • Beam Sword
Resembling a medieval knight's sword, the beam sword is the primary melee weapon of the Gyan Gya Gyan. It has a high output and is specialized for slashing and piercing/stabbing attacks.
  • Missile Shield
The Gyan Gya Gyan is equipped with two large circular shields that not only defend it from beam weapons, but they also have offensive capabilities in the form of needle missiles and hide bombs stored within.
  • Needle Missile
The shields of the Gyan Gya Gyan stores 60 needle missiles each. Due to their small size, the needle missiles are not very powerful and are mainly used to restrain enemy's movement or for intimidation purposes. These missiles can however still be quite deadly when fired in massed volleys.
  • Hide Bomb
A type of space mine (space version of the naval mine), 25 of them are stored in each missile shield. The hide bombs freely floats around in space once deployed, damaging any enemy units that come near them.


The Gyan Gya Gyan was first utilized in the Semi-Finals of the Japanese Gunpla Regional Championships, where it went into battle against the GAT-X105B/FP Build Strike Gundam Full Package. In the battle, the Gyan Gya Gyan attacks the Build Strike with all of its needle missiles and manages to destroys its left arm. Reiji, pilot of the Build Strike, then charges and the Gyan Gya Gyan charges back. Unfortunately, it was soon overpowered and destroyed in battle.


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Notes & Trivia

  • Gyan Gya Gyan's paint colors appear to be a reference to M'Quve, particularly his pilot suit.


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