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  • 178 cm
    5.84 ft
    70.079 in
Hair Color
  • Black
Eye Color
  • Green
  • Female
Mobile Weapons

Yana Kuramochi is a fictional character that appears in Gundam Build Fighters Amazing. She is the pilot of the ZGMF-X222Nya Nyaia Gundam.

Personality & Character

A kind, nurturing if unusual maid, she cares for her master a great deal. She's a friendly person and quickly befriend many students while she works at Gunpla Academy, including Allan Adams and Kaira Koshina.


Yana is a remarkably tall young woman with black hair and a large bust. She wears cat ears on her head to go with her Gunpla motif.

Skills & Abilities

She's a rather proficient maid who among other things can make Gunpla pretty well, has considerable strength, and possesses a talent for following her master.




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